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Acoustic Panel

Sound Experience and Guaranteed Satisfaction

On the basis of extensive industry experience in the supply and installation of high performance acoustic panels by Wise Acoustics, a wide range of satisfied clients are now benefiting from an exceptional reduction in reverberated noise in their particular workplace situations. In addition, these acoustic panels are being used and very successfully in all other Australian states.


Industry Knowledge ensures noise reduction

Our knowledge about achieving quieter interiors across large and small offices, meeting rooms, theatres, classrooms and open-space areas such as libraries and showrooms, means we can recommend and install the best Acoustic Panel for your specific situation. Autex Quietspace Panel is an innovative and proven acoustic noise absorption product available in two thicknesses - 25mm and 50mm designed to eliminate 85% and 100% of reverberated noise respectively.

Quiet Achievements in Many Areas

We know that business owners and managers are increasingly sensitive to reverberated noise issues, especially in environments such as auditoriums, movie and lecture theatres, as well as in open spa retails areas and classrooms. They want to ensure the correct panel material is selected and installed for client and user satisfaction. Recording and broadcasting studios also require a high level of reverberated noise control and the Autex Quietspace Panel is ideal in this regard.

Satisfied Clients and improved Productivity

We also know that an improvement in privacy and the elimination of noise distraction in the workspace can increase productivity in both closed and open-space office and work areas.

Interior Design Freedom

Our preferred Autex Quietspace Acoustic Fabric product range allows a selection of either velour or ribbed material in a choice of more than 30 colours. For designers wanting that specie effect or where there is a special need, Quietspace Acoustic Fabric can be custom-printed with images of choice and panels can be custom-cut and shaped, creating quiet, unique and very visually satisfying outcomes.

Guaranteed Installation Service

Our in-house surface preparation and installation team is skilled in the installation of the lightweight, semi-rigid, easy-to-handle panel sheets. They are pre-finished, frameless and can be cut to size any shape on-site, avoiding the difficulties associated with pre-sized and wrapped acoustic panels. Furthermore, Autex Quietspace Panel is not limited to wall-only installation, panels can be fixed to ceilings and even uniquely in framed modular panels on floors. Panels are fixed to walls using a contact adhesive, while those on ceilings are also mechanically fixed. Panels may be trimmed with lightweight trims, colour bonded to match the colour of the panel fabric. where necessary, panels are cut and trimmed around power points, light switches, windows etc.

Extensive Interior design Freedom

Quietspace Panel can be finished with any Quietspace Acoustic Fabric product, allowing a choice of more than 30 colours and the option of velour or ribbed finishes.

Custom Design Printing

Quietspace Panels can be custom-printed with any image, colour or pattern or supplied as custom-cut and shaped panels to create a patterned effect.