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Acoustic Fabric

Sound Achievements

Our experience tells us that careful selection and installation of the correct acoustic fabric is essential in providing the noise reverberation reduction outcomes required by clients.


Industry Knowledge

Wise Acoustics know that designers seek to create attractive, quieter interiors for offices, workplaces, showrooms, theatres, libraries and classrooms. We are also well aware that enhancing personal privacy and comfort in offices and open-space workplaces increases productivity.

Guaranteed Reverberation Reduction

Our in-house acoustics experts will first work with you to identify the level of reverberated noise. Depending on the extent to which you wish to control reverberated noise. Wise Acoustics will then tailor a solution using the correct acoustic wall lining material. In almost every interior situation, the selection and installation of a quality product like Quietspace, a polyester fabric, featuring 40% reverberated sound absorption, will be the correct choice.

Quality Fabrics

We can confidently recommend Autex Quietspace Acoustic Fabric as a durable all-polyester acoustic wall lining. With its soft upper non-woven fabric heat-bonded to a 10mm thick polyester backing, this fabric is not only decorative but very durable and highly efficient in reducing reverberated noise by up to 40%.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

of added benefit to you and the environment, Autex Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is composed a 100% polyester upper layer heat bonded to a high performance acoustic backing using a bonding process that is an environmentally-friendly alternative to other products containing chemical binders and adhesives. Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is 100% polyester and can be recycled.

Flexibility and Versatility

Autex Quietspace Acoustic fabrics are now available in self-adhesive tiles and full width rolls, providing designers and our installers with the cut-in flexibility needed to make your office workplace, showroom or meeting area a quieter and friendlier place to be.

Designer Modular tiles and Roll Form

Autex Quietspace Acoustic fabric is available in roll form and as self-adhesive tiles. Available in more than 30 colours and a choice of velour and ribbed finishes, Autex Quietspace Acoustic Fabric tiles allow a designer creative freedom with modular use of colour. The roll for is also ideally suited to the creation of custom cut-in designs.