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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

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Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles are a new generation of acoustic ceiling tile.  Made from safe and friendly polyester fibre, they are engineered for superior sound absorption and balanced acoustic design.  Quietspace Ceiling Tiles are available in a range of standard sizes and edge details to fit into standard suspended grid systems allowing for ease of specification and installation.

High Performance Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

The excellent acoustic absorption across a broad range of frequencies makes the Quietspace Ceiling Tiles ideal for managing noise in offices, boardrooms and conference rooms, school classrooms, libraries and administration, halls and auditoriums, call centres and open-plan areas, retail stores and showrooms among many others.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing and Recycling Practices

Following the strong environmental ethos of the Quietspace range, Quietspace Ceiling Tiles offer unrivalled safety, durability and green building credentials.  Quietspace Ceiling Tiles contain a minimum of 60% recycled content (post-consumer recycled PET bottle-flake) and are fully recyclable at end of life.

Quietspace Ceiling Tiles are formed and bonded using heat eliminating the need for chemical additives.  Quietspace Ceiling Tiles are non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic.  With the increasing prevalence of Sick Building Syndrome negatively impacting occupant health, Quietspace Ceiling Tiles are the only logical choice.

Quietspace Ceiling Tiles are made by Autex in Australia and New Zealand under strict quality and environmental management systems.  We are committed to quality and environmental best practice through our ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified Quality & Environmental Management Systems.

Quietspace Ceiling Tiles are avilable in the following configurations:

Quietspace Ceiling Tile Product Range
Edge Detail
Tile WidthTile LengthTiles
Rebated Edge595mm595mm16 Tiles per Pack
Rebated Edge595mm1195mm8 Tiles per Pack
Rebated Edge295mm1195mm16 Tiles per Pack
Square Edge595mm1195mm8 Tiles per Pack
Square Edge595mm595mm16 Tiles per Pack